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Cain Rice isn’t your average athlete. He likes to compete in Iron Mans without training. Scale cliffs. Do 17 hours of pull ups, just to break records. And now? He’s preparing to ride around Australia in August to break another record and raise $100,000 for The Smith Family. We have all the juice on this inspirational athlete (who Juice Institute is proud to sponsor!)…

Tell us about your upcoming ride around Australia.

This journey commences in August and will include attempting to ride roughly 384km per day over 37 days to achieve the world record, but it could take double the time, thanks to the weather! I’ll be in the saddle for around 15-20 hours per day depending on the lay of the land.

What does your training look like?

Training varies. I’m currently doing a block of 3 months where my full focus is on injury prevention and getting the body injury free but at the same time strengthened enough for the upcoming training.

Currently I’m walking between 3:30am – 7:30am every morning to keep the body adapted to moving for longer periods. Other training includes trails, long walks, Pilates, yoga and calisthenics along with breath work and cold exposure.

I’ll also frequent places to climb rock faces and cliff sides with great safety risk, putting myself in situations where I’m very uncomfortable - to learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. The feeling of being in the moment is very valuable when it comes to the ride.

The aim between now and August is to progressively have the body moving all day for around 15 - 20 hours. And to be injury free! (I attempted the 17 hour pull up record after Christmas which gave a few niggles, plus I’m still battling 2 pinched nerves and a potential planter plate fracture on the foot).

What does your nutrition look like?

Given my prior medical history (bike crash, pinched nerve in my abdomen, blood clot and ankle reconstruction – to name a few!) I had to adapt my eating.

I generally eat fruit till noon with one large meal at around 2-4pm (my evening dinner) as fruit is easy to digest and the high fiber made for a better operating gut - which enables me to essentially get my morning routine in tact and subsequently spend the day training without complications.

I do anywhere from 3-5 hours straight of training in the morning before consuming any calories or any food or liquid other than water which will normally turn out to be roughly about 16 hours of fasting which I do every day between 12–16-hour period purely for gut health and as per my nutrition focus.

I’m a huge believer in food is medicine.

Why is juice important to you?

Juice works so well for me. Having a juice in the morning before exercise (like a long trail run) is perfect as it’s extremely easy to digest without all the fiber from a smoothie bowel.

Plus, juice has a wide range of nutrients from foods (like beetroot, which I wouldn’t normally eat, so I’m getting a range of nutrients I wouldn’t normally get). Also having superfoods and herbs within the juices adds to the super boost your body needs, especially before the trails.

Your gut is everything, your immune system is essentially your gut and feeding your microbiome with juice can nourish it if you’re doing all the right things at the same time.

Having a strong immune system is key for someone like myself.

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

I wouldn’t use the word motivate as I don’t believe in motivation but what keeps me driven is the belief knowing I’m capable of making a huge change in the children of the world through my own actions.

Without those actions it will always just be a dream, in reality I don’t want to ride around Australia, but I also didn’t want 2 blood clots at 23 years of age - but look what’s come from that!

It’s all about doing things you don’t necessarily want to do to get what you want.

What are you plans after the event?

While the crash taught me to live in the moment (and not get ahead of myself), I do visualise myself going around Australia and talking in schools. That would be my number one goal but I also have other ultra-endurance challenges I’d like to do after the bike ride - and those ideas may be a little crazier than this one!

How can our community get behind you?

Honestly, the exposure and donations mean the world to me, so just sharing it around (if you can’t donate) is just as good.

If the community can get behind me and use there own platforms to spruik this event, we can help change hundreds of children’s lives.

Donate to Cain's epic fundraiser for The Smith Family here.



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