Our Roots

As a lover of clean plant based living I was inspired to share the incredible nutritional benefits of cold pressed juicing with my community.

Passionate about the cause, I became certified in Plant Based nutrition through eConnell University,  and established Juice Institute in August 2018. My mission to offer handcrafted cold pressed juices and cleanse packages at affordable prices.

The vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and natural properties of the plants are captured in cold pressed juice, they are readily absorbed by our bodies and optimise our well being.

We are lovers of feeling well, having vitality and a zest for life and we are here to take the mess and the fuss out of juicing. We always create detailed recipes, deep flavours, rich natural coloured delicious tasting cold pressed juice.

We are proud to press and pour our juice by hand in Belair, South Australia and have crafted cleanses, cold pressed nut mylk and signature blends. 

We select only the freshest produce, support local farmers, use organic produce where possible and fresh herbs from our garden. We are incredibly excited to share our recipes with you, to help you thrive with the many benefits of adding cold pressed into your daily routine.

We provide beautifully presented juice in earth friendly glass, using paper straws, biopak packaging and continue to innovate to be an eco friendly local business. 

We are rapt to have you here with us and excited to share the many benefits of cold pressed juice.

Welcome to Juice Institute.

Gabrielle xx