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Ok. At the risk of sounding a bit Game of Thrones - winter is coming. So all that hard work cleansing/exercising/eating right/being active you put in over summer and autumn? Keep up the good work and don’t drop the ball just because the temperature drops.

That’s right. Healthy habits and taking care of yourself is not seasonal, it should be all year round!

If you’re about to dabble in one of our juice cleanses (yay, go One way to take care of yourself constantly – plus in the creeping up colder months – is a juice cleanse. Fasting and nourishing with various cold pressed juice will give your body alllll the nutrients it needs to keep you healthy - and ward of all those icky cold and flu germs!you!), here’s some winter cleanse tips to get the most out of your cleanse.

1️⃣Take your juices out of the fridge 20 minutes before drinking time to enjoy sipping/guzzling at room temperature. And yes, expect to feel good mentally as you nourish your body with all the fab nutrients (over 1kg of local fresh fruits and veggies in every jar!) from one of our juices.

2️⃣ Run a warm bath with essential oils and Epsom salts to keep you relaxed and cosy. Why? Your body temperature may (or may not!) drop on a cleanse. The jury is still out with this one but any excuse to marinate in a bath, right?

3️⃣ Wear socks to bed to keep those tootsies warm. We love Boody’s chunky bed socks!

4️⃣ Heat up your Vanilla, Dates and Nuts on the stove or enjoy our Restore Plant Based Broth. Best served with some Netflix. And chill.

5️⃣ Layer up when out and about. Jackets, shackets… Whatever keeps you toastie (and fashionable).

6️⃣ Keep moving, increase your body heat from the inside out with a brisk walk, light gym session or even a hot yoga class - Yoga Fusion in Norwood is our go to.

7️⃣ Let your body sleep - go to bed early, turn the lights off, and try to grab an additional hour each night. This is healing time for your body and mind.

🌈 Happy cleansing!

Juice Institute is home to cold pressed juices and cleanses. Our juice gives busy people a simple way to recharge, energise and find balance.

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