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30 Day Celery Juice Challenge with collection


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Invest in better health and take the 30 day Celery Juice Challange. 🌱

We will guide your through the Medical Medium protocol and each morning on waking, you will drink 450ml of pure, raw celery juice.

No eating for 30 minutes after your juice. 

You will receive a check in sheet to track your progress, and join us in our private Facebook group for support and updates. 

Benefits of this celery juice protocol include:

 🥬   Deep healing from digestive enzymes and sodium cluster salts unique to celery juice. 

 🥬   Glow with brighter skin, eyes, hair and nails

 🥬   Relax and deeply repair digestion tract

🥬    Cleansing the liver

🥬    Removing waste, virus and bacteria from the body

 🥬   Feel the energy buzz, with a lighter and brighter body and mind.

Once registered and ordered, you will receive a detailed email confirming your collection schedual.