Bliss Bomb 4 Pack - Juice Institute

Bliss Bomb 4 Pack


Indulge in the tasty flavors of our Raw Vegan Bliss Bomb treats. Immerse yourself in a guilt-free delight that is not only raw and vegan but also free from dairy, gluten, refined sugar, and soy, bursting with plant-based goodness.

Mixed boxes include Peanut Butter, Raspberry, Apricot Delight and Chocolate Brownie Protein Balls.

Peanut Butter - Peanuts, almonds, coconut, cinnamon, dates and buckins.

Raspberry - Cashews, coconut, dates, raspberries, beetroot and vanilla.

Apricot Delight - Apricots, almonds, coconut, vanilla and dates.

Chocolate Brownie Protein - Almonds, cacao powder, coconut, dates adn pea protein.

This makes a perfect gift or enjoy all to yourself. πŸ’š