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2023 [life] GOALS

2023 [life] GOALS

Join me and make 2023 the year of YOU and win at life this year and beyond.
How? Start by scheduling time to think about your goals. And what you
can do to invest in yourself, feel fulfilled, live your best self and grow.
Then build a routine to show up for yourself and your personal goals.
Oh, and reading this blog on our guide to 2023 [life] goals, will help too.
So, get comfy, pour a juice and read on…

Make some time for the people around you and spend more time with the
people that matter - and show them they matter! - by scheduling and
spending time together.
⭐ Cook a meal together
⭐ Plan an outing together
⭐ Have a family game night
⭐ Phone a friend or relative

It’s always good to have a hobby to keep you and your brain active,
engaging in new and challenging activities.
⭐ Learn a new language
⭐ Express yourself in writing
⭐ Practice painting or art
⭐ Volunteer for a cause you love

Like anything, if you want success, you need direction and something
specific to work towards. And wealth is no different. Here are some goals
that will have you laughing all the way to the bank.
⭐ Learn about investing and start a stock portfolio
⭐ Pay off a bad debt
⭐ Limit unnecessary expenses
⭐ Save 20% of your pay in an account your can't access
⭐ Create a budget

Show them who’s boss this year by thinking of some achievable goals you
can work towards to advance or be happy in your career. And this is a big
one as we spend half of our lives at work!
⭐ Obtain a certificate or upskill with a relevant skill in your field
⭐ Start a side husle 
⭐ Practice good work / life balance

We may have been grounded for a couple of years (thanks Covid!), but
with international borders open, get set to make 2023 the year of travel.
The wanderlust dreaming and planning starts here…
⭐ Stay in a luxe (and local) hotel #selfcare
⭐ Book a wellness retreat
⭐ Plan a road trip
⭐ Plan your 2023 trips now, so you have something to look forward to

You only have one body, so invest in it and give yourself the best
opportunity for a long and healthy life. And by ‘long and healthy life’ we
mean nourishing your body with nutrient-rich foods (and juice!).
⭐ Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet
⭐ Eat vegetarian several nights a week (if not always)
⭐ Take supplements for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies
⭐ Juice cleanse every month

The best version of yourself starts here! Other areas you can make lists of goals/achievements include Lifestyle, Knowledge and Love.

Gabby xo

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find balance.

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