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Parties. Catch ups. Dinners. Family gatherings. It’s beginning to look a lot
like silly season! Just because your diary is wedging with ‘fun stuff’
doesn’t mean your healthy lifestyle gets wedged out.

We’ve got the juice on how you can stay healthy by exercising, making
smart food choices and focusing on emotional wellbeing throughout these

🍊Drink your daily juice
No matter what… never skimp on your juice! Our cold pressed juices have
up to 1 kilo of fresh fruit and veg per bottle which means you can get alllll
the goodness on the go, or at home, without having to wash/peel/cut and
arrange a veggie or fruit. And you’ll be fit as a fiddle to attend all the
Christmas festiveness - thanks to all those extra vitamin and minerals!

Tip: Drank too much at the Christmas party? Our Sour Pepper with
activated charcoal can help the body remove unwanted toxins and waste.
Make sure you have a pack of them in the fridge for any hangover!

🌈Do a regular juice cleanse
A juice cleanse to rid all the toxins, turkey and other holiday indulging?
Yes please! Consuming raw produce like juice for 1, 3 or 5 days helps get
rid of the rubbish (Christmas puddings we’re looking at you!) and absorb
all those fabulous nutrients.

🤸🏼‍♂️Stay active
Block out 30 mins a day or 2.5 hours a week to get moving. No matter
how busy your diary starts to look, always make time for exercise. Lock it
in and make it a priority! Look we’re not saying you have to make your
morning class every.single.day over the holidays, but keeping up your
regular exercise habits will not only help you stay on track in December,
but it’ll also make you feel great! But also – treat yo’self and enjoy time
with friends and fam – it’s what Santa would want!

🥗Focus on nutritional choices
We get it. It’s so tempting to go to an event and fill up on allllll the cheese
and wine… and that’s just the starters! But a few things to avoid feeling
blah and having a ‘holiday blow out’. 1 – eat before you go - or drink a
juice! - so you’re not so ravenous when you get to said event (and run
the risk of overeating). 2. Once at said event, look at the spread, select a few treats and try keep the foods high in fat, salt, and sugar to a minimum.

Juice Institute is home to cold pressed juices and cleanses.  Our juice gives busy people a simple way to recharge, energise and find balance.

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