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About to embark on a juice cleanse? Major healthy brownie points for you!

If you’re a juice cleanse newbie, you understandably might have a few questions.

We rounded up our juiciest FAQs [frequently asked questions] to bring you the juiciest answers…

⏰ How many days should I cleanse?

From a one-day cleanse to a five-day cleanse to anything in between (two, three and four days, please stand up) you can happily get your cleanse on. If you’re new to this cleansing bizzo, then we recommend start slowww and go with a one-day cleanse. We have the Raw Till 4 cleanses available which means it’s juices down at 4pm!

Not your first juicy rodeo? A three-day cleanse is cool to spring clean your insides! Remember, we have 2-3 litres of juice in our main cleanses. That’s a whole lotta juice, a whole lotta vitamins and minerals and a whole lotta deliciousness! We’ll drink to that for three days!

☕ I’m a coffee FEIN! Can I still drink it?

Look, it’s not advised. With caffeine slapped with a mild stimulant sticker, we recommend sticking to fresh raw juice, herbal tea and filtered water, for those nourishing and hydrating feels. Side note: when we’re cleansing, we’re trying to rest, restore and clean our bodies from the inside out!

But also, we don’t want you to get the shakes! If you can’t cut the coffee throughout your cleanse, then may we suggest serving up a short black coffee, hold the milk!

No coffee or coffee – remember to be kind to yourself and do your best.

Juice Institute is always here to help!

🤔 Help! I’m hangry! Can I break my cleanse?

Of course you can! But also, to get the true benefits of your juice cleanse – increased energy, nourishment from the inside out, alllll the tres-important vitamins and minerals – we recommend drinking it out to the juicy end! If you do put the juice bottles down early, remember to back it up with light meals, soups and salads to gently ease your body back into the land of food.

🌈 Happy cleansing!

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