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Plant Sugar - 5 Benefits Everyone Should know

Plant Sugar - 5 Benefits Everyone Should know

When it comes to nutrition, everyone’s got an opinion. So much so that it can be hard to figure out what’s real and what’s not. Though with all the misinformation out there, plant sugar has gotten a bad reputation in the process.

Plant sugar - these sweeteners occur naturally in plant-based foods like fruit and veggies in the form of fructose.  These naturally occurring carbohydrates from mother nature's garden carry many benefits for the human body. They are broken down easily by our bodies and accompanied by an assortment of vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes - working to nourish our bodies in more ways than one. 

Here at Juice Institute we love plants and are incredibly passionate about fruits and veggies and all the goodness they offer.

Our top 5 favorite health benefits are below. 

5 Health Benefits Of Plant Sugar 

Accompanied By Essential Nutrients 

One of the key health advantages of natural plant sugar is that it brings an assortment of nutrients along with it. 

Plant sugar is found in many fruits and vegetables - which are also packed to the brim with essential vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, and other nutrients that our bodies need to thrive. 

It’s a package deal that can’t be offered by many foods rich in processed sugar. 

Boosts Energy 

When we’re feeling run-down in the late afternoon, it is easy to reach for a processed sugary snack to boost our energy levels and maintain our productivity. Though the type of sugar we’re reaching for will impact how long this supply of energy lasts.

If you’re reaching for snacks packed with processed sugar, the energy blast that follows will be short-lived. The body’s insulin levels spike and fall as a result, leaving behind feelings of fatigue. 

The energy hit supplied by plants is much more sustainable. Once it’s absorbed into the bloodstream, we begin to feel much more energetic and won’t need to worry about a sudden crash soon-after. 

Fight Off Hunger

When compared to its processed counterpart, the sweetness in plants can curb those hunger cravings and leave us feeling fuller for longer. 

Since foods containing plant sugar are digested much slower, it can satisfy our hunger levels more effectively. The fibre in these foods can boost our satiety and eliminate cravings.

Our tip, sip your juice and let your body digest the goodness and feel the wonderful benefits. 

Curb Cravings 

For many of us, a sweet hit of processed sugar is too good to resist. But for people crumbling from sugar cravings, fresh fruits can be a satisfying alternative. 

Many fruits like bananas and apples are sweet enough to fight off cravings while also being nutritiously beneficial. They’re not only packed with fibre, but also provide an assembly of antioxidants and essential nutrients that many processed, sugary snacks simply can’t. 

No Empty Calories 

As the name suggests, added sugars are included to make certain foods all the more appetizing. Though processed sugars don’t provide the same variety of nutrients that plant sugars do - making them nothing more than empty calories.

Added sugars provide no key benefits to the body or our wellbeing, and can lead to weight gain and other health issues if too much is consumed.

Take advantage of the wide range of nutrients that natural sugar sources provide. Your body will thank you. 

Fruit, Veggies + Juice Institute 

At Juice Institute, we’re not afraid of the plant sugar found in the fruits and veggies we eat and drink. After all, there is clearly a wide range of advantages that come with consuming plant foods  - ranging from their sustainable energy-boosting power to the variety of nutrients that boost health, vitality, energy, mind and body.

Since there are no artificial sugars, added sugars or any nasties in our juice, there are no empty calories. All the nutrients packed into each and every jar are used by the body to energise, heal, repair, build and cleanse. 

*This information can be applied to those with no healthcare issues - before adjusting your diet, speak with a healthcare professional. 

Article by Nicholas Hastie 
Nicolas is a digital content creator, having completed his Bachelor of Health Science at the University of Queensland - majoring in nutrition.






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